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2017W4 release - January 30, 2017


NEW! Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft has a new collaboration tool called Teams. So we’ve added an integration that allows you to direct your alert notifications to a Teams channel of your choosing. See Integrating Auvik with Microsoft Teams for details on how to get started.

IMPROVED! Slack integration

Up until now, Slack integration was only available at the client level. We’ve finally fixed that. You can now create a Slack integration at the MSP level and use it across multiple clients.

To support multiple Slack channels, you’ll need to create the integration multiple times. If you already a have a Slack integration at the client level, it will still work, but to take advantage of the new functionality, you’ll need to create a new Slack integration at the MSP level.

NEW! Training videos

We've launched a number of short tutorial videos to guide you through deploying and optimizing Auvik in your environment. Current Auvik partners can access all 9 videos in the training section of the Partner Portal. We'll also be adding the videos to relevant Knowledge Base articles in the coming weeks.

REMINDER! System status page

With the last release, we announced the launch of our new Auvik system status page, where we’ll let you know about anything that might be affecting your Auvik service. You can access the system status page from any web browser by going to

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