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How to Add a Network from a CSV file


Auvik understands that sometimes it's more efficient to bulk upload many networks than to have to enter them into the user interface. Auvik has created a way for its users to do this on a per-tenant basis. You can now add networks you want to scan automatically and networks you do not want to scan right away, and you may also add the exclusions to the scan ranges at the same time. You can add up to sixty networks at one time.  You may scan up to a /20 CIDR network.

The format to do this is the following:







An Example file may be downloaded from the link highlighted below


  1. Go to Discovery
  2. Select Manage Networks
  3. Click Add Network button
  4. Select Add from CSV file
  5. Add Bulk Networks popup will appear
  6. Click Browse
  7. Select CSV file to upload
    Note: If there are file format problems with the CSV file, a message will appear on the upload screen.
  8. Click Open
  9. Click Upload

If the Network CSV file is successfully uploaded an All networks have been saved message will appear.

If the Network CSV file fails to be uploaded a The following networks failed: File Name message will appear.

Note: There may be one of several reasons for the error. 

  • Uploading a duplicate scan range of one for which there is already a scan range.
  • Creating an exclusion outside of the CIDR range.
  • Uploading data in an improper format
  • You tried to scan a network that is larger than a /20 CIDR
  • Or any other reason a single network may fail

Refer to the Example CSV file for guidance on how to format your CSV files.

Scans will begin after the new scan ranges are successfully loaded.  To stop a scan, go back to the Manage Network table and select the network and select the Don’t Scan button

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