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How to Use the Send Test Alert Function


Auvik has implemented a Send Test Alert function. As opposed to testing a Notification Channel (and all associated configuration) by waiting for an existing alert to trigger or manually creating an easily triggered alert definition do the extra work of setting up an actual alert that will flag easily, you can now send a test alert. This feature is compatible with any Notification type except for the map (email, ConnectWise, etc).

To use this feature:

  1. Go to Manage Alerts
  2. Click Notification Channels
  3. Select Notification Channel to test
  4. Click Send Test Alert
  5. Send Test Alert popup will appear
  6. Select the Site where the Alert Notification will originate from9DF0FFD8-82F8-450A-B3FA-4F4D7B0A9473_1_102_o.jpeg
  7. Click Send

An instance of the Test Alert will appear on the selected Site and a corresponding notification will be received at the destination of the selected Notification Channel.



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