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2022-W28 release - July 16, 2022


NEW! New Network Device Discovered alert

We’ve added a new informational alert, New Network Device Discovered to notify you if a new networking device is discovered in your network. This alert will be released in a disabled state and by default, it is only set to notify when a new network device is discovered. If you enable the alert, you’ll receive alerts for: firewall, router, switch, stack, packet processor controller, or access points.

This new alert feature will be released on July 18, 2022.

You can customize the alert settings as you see fit. Please check this article for more information.

ENHANCED! Device Setup widget

Not sure if your device is fully set up for monitoring in Auvik? You can now easily find it in the newly improved Device Setup widget on the device dashboard. You’ll also see the status of the settings whether it is completed or needs to be completed to fully manage your network with asset management, monitoring, backups, network analysis, and Syslog.


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