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How to configure sFlow on Cisco SGx50 series switches


These instructions assume:

Configure sFlow

  1. Navigate to sFlow Receiver Settings page to set the IP address of Auvik collector for sFlow statistics. 
  2. Use the sFlow Interface Settings page to enable flow, direct the samples to a receiving index, and configure the average sampling rate.  

Note: The switch user interface must be set to “Display Mode: Advanced” to configure sFlow.

sFlow Receiver Settings

  1. Click Status and Statistics > sFlow > sFlow Receivers.
  2. Click Add under sFlow Receiver Table.

Take note of the receiver index #; you'll need it in the next step.

  1. Set the following parameters:
    1. Receiver Definition: By IP address
    2. Receiver IP Address: [IP address of your Auvik collector]
    3. Port: 6343

  2. Click Apply.

sFlow Interface Settings

  1. Click Status and Statistics > sFlow > sFlow Interface Settings
  2. Select the interface where you want to enable sFlow
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Set the following Flow Sampling parameters:
    1. State: Enable
    2. Sampling Rate: 1024
    3. Receiver index: [Same as the index # specified on your sFlow Receiver]
  5. Click Apply.
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