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How to set up and configure the New Network Device Discovered alert


A New Network Device Discovered alert has been added and can be configured in the Manage Alerts administration. 

Purpose: Notify Auvik users when a new network device is discovered.

The default configuration setting is set to be not enabled. When you enable the New Network Device Discovered alert, you can now monitor and be notified of any new network devices including firewalls, routers, L3 and L2 switches, stacks, packet processors, controllers, and access points. 


  • The newly added device must be discovered as one of the mentioned device types. Under the pre-configured settings of this alert, it does not trigger for generic devices being discovered.
  • The discovery of devices prior to the enablement of this feature will not create an alert. 
  • The alert can’t be used for auditing purposes, unless it’s used in conjunction with a PSA set up to receive it. If a device is deleted and falls out of Auvik, the alert history will also be removed.
  • The alert will not notify of devices that are previously discovered in Auvik which have been offline and are brought back online.
  • The alert can be customized to include devices that are not in the default configuration. In order to enable and customize this functionality, follow the instructions below: Select Entities
  • The alert will not fire immediately when Auvik discovers a new device. Firstly, Auvik will look internally to see if the newly detected device needs to be consolidated with other IPs under the tenant. The alert will appear only after the internal consolidation is complete, which typically takes from five to ten minutes after discovery.

How to enable the New Network Device Discovered alert

  1. From you Auvik Dashboard, click Manage Alerts from the side navigation bar.451B35D3-2B4F-4392-81A7-4F569EFFE2B9_4_5005_c.jpeg
  2. Search for New Network Device Discovered.C6ECD58E-E62D-4E68-AC6D-3F220F644ABF.png
  3. The New Network Device Discovered alert will appear in the Manage Alerts search list. Click the Checkbox beside Informational.3E3FEB90-57BC-4053-BAD7-65EB18752959_4_5005_c.jpeg
  4. Click Enable.E9F28D58-1B9A-420D-8FFF-38B07B905471_1_105_c.jpeg

When Auvik discovers a device on a new IP, Auvik will process it and all new IPs to consolidate the IPs under the devices to which the IPs belong. After the internal process is complete, and if the device is one of the device types covered under the alert, Auvik will report and display the alert.


Optional: How to edit the New Network Device Discovered alert

Setting up the alert for all devices may cause excessive,“noisy” alerting. Auvik’s current settings do not allow replication of this alert.

  1. Alert Name and Alert Description can be customized as desired.
  2. Under Describe the Alert, click the pull down button to select the Alert Severity and select the desired severity.2C309AFB-49FF-40A2-9467-4C4547237BB5.png
  3. Under Select Entities, all the billable devices and access points will be selected by default but this can be altered as desired. You can find the information on how to Select Entities here.
  4. The No Clear Condition - Clear by Dismissing alert does not have an automated clear condition in the set up. It needs to be manually cleared from Auvik or by integration with a ticketing system when the alert is cleared.
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