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2021-W50 release - December 18, 2021


IMPROVED! Palo Alto backups

We’ve added support for .xml backups for Palo Alto firewalls which can be restored to the device in its native script.


We’ve resolved issues with too many browser redirects. From the improvements of the management for the HTTPS services in the earlier release, you can monitor HTTPS on the desired port through:

Inventory > All Services > Add Service (Add custom HTTPS on desired port)

NOTICE! Removing support for ConnectWise Manage SOAP API

The ConnectWise SOAP API has been deprecated and the integration with Auvik will no longer work for customers using the SOAP API as of December 18, 2021.

Important: You must migrate from ConnectWise SOAP API to REST API which can be completed in 30 minutes or less. To proceed, follow the steps in this article.

HEADS UP! No W52 release

Auvik usually releases upgrades every two weeks. But we understand the holidays are a time of reflection and relaxation—and for many, a freeze on changes made to networks.

To minimize changes, we’ll be skipping the deployment of new features in what would be our week 52 release and land on Jan 1, 2022. Instead on Thu, Dec 30 at the regular 7 a.m. ET, we’ll do some light infrastructure maintenance. This will consist of a quick reboot of the system, which will result in a brief disruption to monitoring.

Our next release with new features and changes will be in the second week of January 2022.

NOTICE! Support hours during the holiday season

December 25th and 26th are statutory holidays in Canada, and they will be observed on the following Monday and Tuesday (Dec 27 and Dec 28). The same applies to the New Year’s Day holiday, which will be observed on the Monday after (Jan 3). As a result, there will be alterations to support hours, as follows:

  • Dec 24: normal hours
  • Dec 25-27: closed - on call will respond to emergencies, like on a regular weekend
  • Dec 28: limited staff - chat will be closed but we’ll respond to tickets created via email and the web page
  • Dec 29-31: normal hours
  • Jan 1-3: closed - on call will respond to emergencies, like on a regular weekend
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