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2021-W40 release - October 9, 2021


ENHANCED! Palo Alto backup support

We’ve improved the accuracy of Palo Alto firewall backups on your sites. What you need to know:

  • There’s no action required by you or your team—the update is automatic.
  • If you have backup alerts turned on in your system, you may see alerts created from these changes.

IMPROVED! Checkpoint firewall

We’ve improved support for Checkpoint firewalls.

IMPROVED! SSL version support

We’ve added TLSv1.2 support for SSL communications on VMware hypervisors.

NEW! Faster site deployments

Using a streamlined workflow, now you can enter credentials for the whole site faster. After you add credentials, Auvik will prompt you to add more.


FIXED! Internet connection

We’ve improved default internet connection routing to address incorrectly defined connections.

RESOLVED! WatchGuard firewall

We’ve resolved issues with custom headers used in WatchGuard remote access.

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