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2021-W34 release - August 28, 2021


NOTICE! Removing support for Autotask PSA SOAP API v1.5

Autotask PSA SOAP API v1.5 has reached the end of support, enforcing the use of API user accounts. For more information, read Autotask API security risk article.

The Auvik / Autotask PSA integration will no longer work for partners using SOAP API v1.5 or non-API user accounts on September 30, 2021.

By editing Autotask integration in Auvik, you can check the URL whether your integration is using SOAP 1.5, e.g., 

Important: You must edit the integration in Auvik, and provide credentials for an Autotask PSA API user to avoid disruption.

To define an API user, visit: Autotask PSA help. You can confirm the changes by re-editing the integration in Auvik, and checking the URL after a few minutes for the changes to take effect. The API call referencing, "/atservices/1.5/" is changed to "/atservices/1.6/", e.g., 

If it doesn't work, please contact Auvik Support.


We’ve resolved an issue that was reporting hyperdrive hard drive failure on the VMWare ESXi servers for unconfigured physical disks.

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