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2021-W18 release - May 8, 2021


NEW! Hardware lifecycle global views

Now available in global view, you can see information on which of your devices need to be upgraded or replaced soon, as well as which service contracts need to be renewed. This saves you time from having to go gather the same information from each individual site. Hardware lifecycle reports will be aggregated across all sites in the global view beginning May 11th.

LAUNCHED! More device lifecycle information

We’ve added end-of-sale and end-of-life information for over 2000 device models and manufacturers. The information should help with replacement planning and budgeting! The expanded database will be available beginning May 11th.

ENHANCED! Device details

We’ve improved device details to make it easier to find vendor information. We’ve also included links to the product data sheet and lifecycle information if it’s available. This will be live on May 11th.

IMPROVED! Dismiss multiple alerts in the Open Alerts dashboard

Thanks to the popular Idea Portal launch a few weeks ago, we’ve already identified a quick win that many of you were excited about.

You can now dismiss multiple alerts directly from the Open Alerts dashboard, making your workflow much simpler. Your feedback is very valuable for us, so please keep submitting/voting ideas in the Idea Portal, so we can better improve the product for you!

BUG SQUASHING! Hyper-V Windows Servers monitoring

We’ve fixed a bug that was showing excessively high interface throughput in some Hyper-V Windows Servers. Affected customers should no longer see Hyper-V Windows Servers reporting bandwidth values above negotiated speeds.

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