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2020-W08 release - February 27, 2021


NEW! Windows installer

With our new installation wizard, you can now quickly and easily install an Auvik collector on Windows machines running Windows 7 and higher or Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher. (If you prefer to install using the command line, that’s still an option.) To learn more about how to install an Auvik collector on Windows using the wizard, see Installing the Windows collector using the Windows installer.

NEW! Status page auto-subscribe

To help your team stay on top of status updates, Auvik super admins will now be automatically subscribed to Auvik’s status page. If you’re a super admin and no longer want to receive notifications, you can unsubscribe to updates or change which notifications you get. To do this, select manage subscriptions in any email notification for the Auvik status page, then check the boxes of the notifications you want to receive, or uncheck them all to unsubscribe. Click Save to apply the changes.

NEW! Update for ServiceNow Quebec release

The Auvik integration has now been certified for the new ServiceNow Quebec release.

UPDATED! Login page

The Auvik login page has a new information area where we’ll share content and event announcements that can help you manage your networks more efficiently.

NOTICE! Removing direct support for AuthAnvil 2FA

AuthAnvil 2FA will no longer work in Auvik on Mar 6, 2021. We recommend you set up single sign-on in Auvik or switch to Auvik 2FA. If no changes are made, you’ll be asked to set up Auvik 2FA.

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