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2021-W04 release - January 30, 2021


LAUNCHED! Dismiss alert endpoint in API

As part of the Alert API, we’ve added a dismiss alert endpoint so you can implement a bi-directional integration for alerts. See the API reference for details.

To use the new dismiss alert endpoint, the Auvik account accessing the endpoint must have Access and Edit permission for API - Alerts.

LAUNCHED! Bi-directional sync with Opsgenie

Our integration with Opsgenie, an incident management platform from Atlassian, is now bi-directional. Now when you dismiss an Auvik alert in Opsgenie, the status syncs back to Auvik.

FIXED! Terminal access to Draytek routers

Previously, terminal access to Draytek routers through Auvik would occasionally fail because of a limit on the numbers of concurrent SSH channels to the device. The issue has been resolved by limiting access to a single SSH channel.

NOTICE! Removing direct support for AuthAnvil 2FA

AuthAnvil 2FA will no longer work in Auvik on Mar 6, 2021. We recommend you set up single sign-on in Auvik or switch to Auvik 2FA.

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