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Should I use NetFlow or sFlow to pull flow data from a device?


When configuring a device to send network traffic data or flow data to Auvik, you may end up wondering which protocol is best—NetFlow or sFlow?

NetFlow and sFlow offer almost the same level of detail regarding data collection, and it’s rare to find a device that supports both, so you should use whichever protocol your device supports.

Just because a device supports NetFlow or sFlow doesn’t mean you have to apply a one size fits all approach to the rest of the devices on your network. Auvik’s collector is ready to listen to both NetFlow and sFlow protocols at the same time, and Auvik will bring both together into a single, seamless display of traffic on your network, so don’t hesitate to send both NetFlow and sFlow traffic (or any other flow protocol you may have) to your collector.

To better understand the difference between both protocols, please refer to this article.

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