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How to run your first report in Power BI


Auvik’s Power BI templates have been designed to conveniently create periodic reports from Auvik data. 

To run your first report in Power BI , start by downloading the latest version of the Power BI template in our Github repository. We recommend that—every time you’d like to create a new report—you start from scratch by opening the master template file (.pbit extension).


Where can I run Auvik’s Power BI templates?

You can run Auvik’s  Power BI templates on your computer or a server you manage through the Power BI Desktop app or through Power BI Pro

When opening the template, you’ll be prompted to fill in the following information:


Report Dates

Set the report period. This makes sure that only data for the requested dates is downloaded to the report, making your report perform better. 


Report-FromDate & Report-ThruDate
  • Input in MM/DD/YYYY format


Tip: The first time you’re configuring Auvik Power BI reports, we suggest you create a report with just 2 or 3 days of data so you can test that all the steps are working properly without spending much time downloading the data for a longer reporting period.

Server and Account data:

These fields are used to authenticate the API requests.


Auvik Server Cluster:

The region where your account is located (US1, US2, EU1, EU2, etc). 


For example, if your account URL is, you should write “us2” in the ServerCluster field. 


Domain Prefix of Main Client:

Use the top-level client in your Auvik account, even if the report you need is from a client lower in the hierarchy.


For example, if your account URL is,then you’d input “mainaccount” in the MainAccount-DomainPrefix field.


Authentication and Auvik user credentials in Power BI

IMPORTANT: The user account and credentials you use in PowerBI require specific settings on the Auvik user panel. Make sure you’ve followed the Authentication in PowerBI checklist to confirm your user credentials will work in Power BI. 


After you’ve provided the date range for the report, the domain prefix, and the server cluster, you’ll be prompted for the access credentials. 


  1. From the left-hand panel, pick Basic.
  2. For the user name, provide your Auvik user email.
  3. For the password, provide your Auvik API key.
  4. Click Connect.


When choosing the level to apply auth settings, pick the default, which should look like this:, where servercluster is be the server cluster you specified previously. 


Data should now start downloading. You’ll see a screen like this:



How long the download takes will depend on the amount of data you’re pulling, which is a function of the number of accounts, number of devices on each account, and the length of the report. (For example, one week of data will download faster than three months of data 

We recommend starting with just 2 or 3 days of data to make sure everything is working. Once you’ve downloaded a smaller report successfully, you can confidently pull larger reports. 


If you encounter  an error at any point in this process, refer to Authentication issues in Power BI and work through  the recommended troubleshooting steps. 

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