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2020W42 release - October 17, 2020


BETA! Single sign-on

You can now let your employees log into Auvik with their corporate credentials using SAML authentication with your identity provider, meaning your employees no longer have to remember another set of credentials and you can centralize access to Auvik in your identity provider. You can use a different SAML configuration on each site. You can also choose to have all users, or just selected users, use SAML authentication on a site. To get started with single sign-on, see How do I configure Auvik single sign-on with my identity provider? See Settings for a list of vendor-specific guides.

IMPROVED! Cisco IOS configuration backups

Auvik can now use level 3 privileges in Cisco EXEC mode to back up device configurations on Cisco IOS routers and switches. For more information, see How to configure a Cisco IOS router or switch to enable Auvik to back up configurations using a lower privilege.

ENHANCED! Audit logs

User activity audit logs now include when a user’s metadata is updated, when a user’s two-factor authentication is reset, or when a user is deleted.

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