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2020W40 release - October 3, 2020


LAUNCHED! Statistics API

We’ve added device, interface, component, and internet connection check statistics as well as current OID monitor values to the Auvik API. This data helps you automate business processes, create custom dashboards, and create custom reports.

IMPROVED! User authorizations

You can now copy the user authorizations from a parent site when adding a new site. You can choose to copy all authorizations, copy authorizations by role, or configure authorizations manually as before. Copying user authorizations significantly reduces time spent setting up new sites if you have a lot of employees or you add sites frequently. This will be available on October 6.

IMPROVED! Support for Aruba switches

We’ve improved our support for Aruba 2930F and 5400R series switches using the VSF (Virtual Switching Framework). You’ll now see individual stack members underneath a logical switch stack in Auvik if these switches are stacked together. You'll also be able to monitor stack-specific KPIs and get critical visibility into stack member and port failures.

IMPROVED! Syslog usage dashboard

We’ve improved our syslog usage dashboard so you can better understand how your devices are contributing to your site-level usage. You can now see a breakdown of logs by device by day across the retention period.

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