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How do I associate an external ticket ID to an Auvik alert using webhooks?


If you’re using webhooks to integrate Auvik alerts with your ticket management system and your ticket management system allows you to customize the webhook response, it’s possible to show a link to the external ticket in the Auvik UI. 

To associate an external ticket with an Auvik alert, the webhook response must be in the following format:

  "resourceID": <String - up to 128 characters. Anything more is trimmed>
  "resourceLink": <String - must be a valid url>


Field Name



resourceID (optional)

String - Maximum is 128 characters. Longer strings are trimmed to 128 characters.

Text to show in the Auvik UI under the External Ticket ID column.

resourceLink (optional)

String - Must be a valid URL

URL to navigate to when the External Ticket ID is clicked by the user.

Both the resourceID and resourceLink are optional. If a valid resourceID is provided and the resourceLink is missing or an invalid, the text is still shown, but it won’t be a link. If a valid resourceLink is provided and the resourceID is missing, then a generic text is shown with a link to the specified URL.


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