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2020W34 release - August 22, 2020



Syslog is officially out of beta and now available on all Performance sites.

Device logs hold the key to understanding why something went wrong. Now there’s no need to maintain a separate syslog server and jump between tools when troubleshooting—or worse, not having access to logs at all. With this release, you can store and access logs right inside Auvik.

The device limit has been removed so you can send syslogs from as many devices on a site as needed. Log retention has been increased to 14 days. A transfer volume limit now applies at the site level. 

To get started using syslog, see How do I get started with syslog?

LAUNCHED! TrafficInsights application classifier

After the amazing feedback received during the beta, we’ve released the new application classifier for TrafficInsights. The classifier has been completely redesigned to better represent your traffic mix, including applications and groups. We’ve also improved the granularity of the classification, even with encrypted traffic, to give you even more insight into your network traffic while still only relying on lightweight NetFlow, IPFIX, and sFlow data.

NEW! Syslog CSV export

Say goodbye to copy and pasting syslogs into emails or tickets. You can now export the results as a CSV file if you need to send it to a device manufacturers’ technical support team or attach the file to the ticket in your PSA or ITSM. If the search results in View Logs show there are more than 10,000 rows of logs, the CSV export will only include the first 10,000 rows.

IMPROVED! Syslog device setup

The steps required to store logs for a device have been streamlined. Now, you only have to configure a device to forward syslog to the Auvik collector. When Auvik detects incoming syslogs from the configured device, it will automatically add them to the device summary and the status will be set to Forwarding. Billable devices will appear on the list by default, with the status Not Detected. The Device Summary table contains metrics that allow you to verify that Auvik is detecting incoming syslogs from a device.

BETA! Dismiss alert endpoint in API

As part of the Alert API, we’ve added a dismiss alert endpoint so you can implement a bi-directional integration for alerts. To use the new dismiss alert endpoint, the Auvik account accessing the endpoint must have a new Access and Edit permission level. This new permission level has been added to the Alert API in this release. The pre-configured Super Admin role will have its permission level automatically updated to Access and Edit.

IMPROVED! Hikvision camera identification

We’ve improved our identification of Hikvision cameras. These devices, which were previously labeled as generic devices on your networks, will now automatically update with the new vendor and model information if it’s available. This information can help you identify more devices when surveying sites and narrow your investigations when troubleshooting.

IMPROVED! Ticket association through webhook

You can now associate an external ticket to an Auvik alert by responding to an Auvik webhook notification.

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