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2020W32 release - August 8, 2020


IMPROVED! Windows collector install

When you copy the command line code from inside Auvik and paste it into the command line installer, you’ll no longer be prompted for your username and password. Auvik now automatically includes a temporary API key that authenticates the collector for use on your network. The temporary key automatically expires after two hours and can only be used to authenticate an Auvik collector.

IMPROVED! Sony and Axis device identification

We’ve improved our identification of Sony and Axis communications devices. These devices, which were previously labeled as generic devices on your networks, now automatically update with the new vendor and model information if it’s available. This information can help you identify more devices when surveying sites and narrow your investigations when troubleshooting.

IMPROVED! Syslog dashboard

We’ve improved the summary dashboard for syslog. The improved dashboard provides more detailed information about configured devices, their current status, and logs being received. This will help you easily verify if Auvik is receiving logs from a specific device you just configured. Additionally, to make onboarding easier, the summary dashboard now automatically populates the list of a site’s managed devices.

IMPROVED! Webhook notifications

IDs in webhook notifications are now the same as the API IDs. This change allows you to enrich webhook information with data from Auvik APIs or to dismiss an alert. See the Alert API reference for more information.

The “clear alert” webhook notification also has an additional field—correlationId—to help you match to the trigger alert webhook notification.


CHANGED! Fixed length user session timeouts

To improve the security of user accounts, we’re replacing the “never” session timeout period option with a “90 days” option.

FIXED! IP addresses on Windows workstations

When a Windows workstation interface has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (a common configuration in Windows 8 or higher), the correct IP addresses are now associated with their interface. This also fixes how the workstation is connected in the network map.

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