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2020W20 release - May 16, 2020


UPDATED! Login page

Our login page has changed. It’s part of the plan as we get closer to single sign-on.

UPDATED! Naming conventions

We’ve updated some terminology in Auvik and our knowledge base articles. With the recent beta release of global alerts and global inventory, we’ll now be calling the top-level dashboard the global view.

Clients are now referred to as sites to better reflect organizations with multiple locations. We’ve also changed the term company to organization to better reflect the different scenarios where Auvik is used, including in state, local, and education (SLED) government agencies and nonprofits.

You’ll see the name changes starting May 20.

BETA! Statistics API

We’ve added device, interface, component, and internet connection check statistics and current OID monitor values to the Auvik API. This data helps you automate business processes, create custom dashboards, and create custom reports. This beta begins on May 21, 2020.

ENHANCED! Audit logs

User activity audit logs now include user changes to networks. New audit log entries are added when a user adds, renames, scans, doesn’t scan, or deletes a network.

ENHANCED! Palo Alto backups

Configuration backups on Palo Alto devices now capture both SET and XML formats. The SET format is useful for reviewing changes and the XML format is useful for restoring a backup.

ENHANCED! Autotask and ConnectWise Manage integrations

The Auvik API ID for a device can now be synced to Autotask PSA and ConnectWise Manage. With this update, you can easily retrieve additional data from the Auvik APIs in other systems that integrate with Auvik, Autotask PSA, and ConnectWise Manage.

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