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2020W18 release - May 3, 2020


ENHANCED! SSL VPN monitoring

In the April 18, 2020 release, we announced you can monitor SSL VPN session usage to make sure your VPNs can handle the load.

In addition to current usage, you can now see trends on the SSL VPN Sessions in Use graph on the firewall dashboard. Use the time selector to focus on VPN trends and data during a specific time period.

For devices that don’t report the Peak in Use value, Auvik now records the maximum VPN sessions observed and displays that value in the Peak in Use column.

SSL VPN monitoring is supported on the Cisco ASA55xx series (using software from 2008 or later), the SonicWall TZ series, and the SonicWall NSA series (using SonicOS 5.8 or higher).


Syslog is still in beta and available on all Performance clients, but we’ve made an update to the program. You can now centralize logs from up to 25 devices per client, increased from the previous limit of one device per client. The Auvik website has more details on the syslog beta program. See How do I approve or unapprove devices for syslog? to get started.

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