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Auvik / Autotask PSA 2020.1 integration changes


With the release of Autotask PSA 2020.1, you may find your integration with Auvik no longer works as expected. The two changes that affect the Auvik integration are:

  • Configuration item types will be migrated to configuration item categories.
  • As of April 15, 2020 integration users must now have the API User security role.

Configuration item categories

With the upcoming introduction of configuration item categories, any previously created configuration item types will be migrated over to the new categories. With this, we recommend you review your Auvik / Autotask PSA configuration after the Autotask PSA 2020.1 release to ensure your device class mappings are the way you want them.

There are a few fixes coming from Auvik based on these recent changes made to the Autotask PSA.

API User

As of April 15, 2020, your Autotask PSA integration must be configured to use an account with an API User security role. 

To confirm the user you currently have mapped to the Auvik / Autotask PSA integration, check the user on the integration in Auvik. Once you know the user, you can then confirm whether they’ve been assigned the API User security role.

If it turns out the user isn’t assigned the API User security role, create a new user for the Auvik / Autotask PSA integration. Once the user has been created, make sure you update the details on your integration in Auvik.

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