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Auvik alerts are dismissing and not reopening incidents in ServiceNow



Updating the state of a ticket in ServiceNow is dismissing the Auvik alert and the ticket isn’t reopening as expected.


The first thing to check is whether the user ID and password you entered are correct. Click the eye () in the password field to reveal the password you entered. If the user ID or password look incorrect, make any corrections and click Test Connection again.

If the test connection fails a second time, confirm that the ServiceNow URL entered matches your ServiceNow instance. If everything looks to be configured as expected in Auvik, and Test Connection fails again, the next thing to confirm is that the user had been created in ServiceNow as expected. 

From the ServiceNow console, locate and select the user set on the integration in Auvik. While viewing user details, confirm that Web service access only was checked and that a password was set when the user was created. If neither occurred, update the user accordingly and save the changes. Return to Auvik to update the details for the user. Once updated, click Test Connection again.

Have alerts been disassociated with the ServiceNow notification channel?

Another thing to confirm in Auvik is that the notification channel is still associated with the alerts. If the notification channel is no longer linked to the alert definition, Auvik doesn’t know where to send messages.

  1. From your Auvik dashboard, click Manage Alerts from the side navigation bar.
  2. Click Notification Channels
  3. In the display list of notification channels, find the ServiceNow channel. Check the box at the beginning of its row.
  4. Click Associate with Alerts.
  5. Confirm that alerts appear associated (True). If there are no alerts associated, in the displayed list of alerts, find the one(s) you want to associate to the notification channel. Check the box at the beginning of each row.

Was there an active maintenance window during the same period the alert cleared in Auvik?

During maintenance windows in Auvik, alerts still trigger but notifications are suppressed. Depending on where the maintenance window was originally created, you might need to check this from the global dashboard or the client dashboard. 

  1. From your Auvik dashboard, click Manage Alerts from the side navigation bar.
  2. Click Maintenance Windows.
  3. In the Configured Maintenance Windows grid, you can see if there’s an active maintenance window that matches the date and time the alert triggered.
  4. In the Maintenance History grid, you can see if there were any maintenance windows open during the date and time the alert triggered.


If you see a maintenance window that corresponds with the date and time of the triggered alert, you can send it to ServiceNow for tracking. To do this, see How do I resend notifications?

If everything looks good with the configuration, both in ServiceNow and Auvik, and there were no maintenance windows open, but alerts still aren’t being sent from Auvik to ServiceNow, please contact Auvik support.

After confirming everything is configured and set as expected in Auvik, it’s time to check the Auvik callbacks in ServiceNow. By default, the reopening of ServiceNow incidents if the Auvik alert is still active is disabled. To update the settings, see Auvik / ServiceNow technical guide.

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