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Testing the connection produces a fail message (ServiceNow)



After setting the integration details for your new Auvik / ServiceNow integration, you selected Test Connection. You received a fail message.


The first thing to check is whether the user ID and password you entered are correct. Click the eye () in the password field to reveal the password you entered. If the user ID or password look incorrect, make any corrections and click Test Connection again.

If the test connection fails a second time, confirm that the ServiceNow URL entered matches your ServiceNow instance. If everything looks to be configured as expected in Auvik, and Test Connection fails again, the next thing to confirm is that the user had been created in ServiceNow as expected. 

From the ServiceNow console, locate and select the user set on the integration in Auvik. While viewing user details, confirm that Web service access only was checked and that a password was set when the user was created. If neither occurred, update the user accordingly and save the changes. Return to Auvik to update the details for the user. Once updated, click Test Connection again.

If Test Connection is still failing after you’ve confirmed everything is set correctly in both systems, please contact Auvik support.

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