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2020W8 release - February 22, 2020


NEW! TrafficInsights data center

We’re happy to now serve TrafficInsights to our North American partners from a data center in the US-East zone. If you’re in Canada or the US, your TrafficInsights data will be migrated automatically to the new data center this weekend—there’s no action you need to take.

IMPROVED! Two-factor authentication

If you use your Microsoft work account or Google G Suite account to log into Auvik, we’ll automatically disable Auvik’s two-factor authentication (2FA). This means you’ll no longer be prompted twice and you can centralize your security settings with your identity provider. It also means that if you’ve disabled 2FA on your Microsoft work account or Google G Suite account, you’ll need to make sure it’s re-enabled. Otherwise, you’ll have no 2FA protections in place when logging into Auvik.

HEADS UP! End of support for TLS 1.1

To maintain security, we’re removing support for TLS 1.1 in both Auvik and the Auvik API on Mar 1, 2020. You may be affected if you’ve written an integration with Auvik on an older development platform, such as an older version of the .NET framework. To maintain your integration, you'll need to specify a newer version of TLS. We recommend TLS version 1.2 or higher.

COMING SOON! Mandatory 2FA

To improve the security of user accounts, we’ll soon require all Auvik password users to enable 2FA. Two-factor authentication becomes mandatory on Mar 21, 2020.

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