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2019W46 release - November 16, 2019


NEW! Collector proxy support (beta)

We’ve added support for configuring a proxy to our collector. Having the ability to configure the collector with a proxy is great for client networks that have a proxy in place. Without this additional configuration, the collector isn’t able to call out to Auvik for monitoring.

Configuring a proxy on a collector is completely optional, and should only be done if there’s a proxy server on site for the network being managed.

So far, we've reached out to a few of our partners to be added to the beta but we welcome feedback from everyone. If you'd like to be added to the beta, send an email

ENHANCED! ConnectWise Manage and Autotask data sync

We recently started pulling lifecycle details on Cisco devices into Auvik inventory. Now you can sync that additional data to your PSA.

Head over to your ConnectWise Manage or Autotask integration’s Inventory > Field Sync Mappings grid to get set up. To sync lifecycle details, you first need to ensure you’ve created the necessary configuration questions (ConnectWise Manage) or user-defined fields (Autotask).

API endpoints for the new lifecycle data are coming soon!

CHANGED! Manage cloud controllers

Manage Cloud Controllers has moved locations in the Auvik nav bar. You’ll now find your Datto or Meraki cloud controller configuration under Discovery > Manage Credentials > API Credentials.

We’ve also added the ability to provide your own Cisco API credentials in Auvik to get faster refreshes of your lifecycle data.

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