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2019W44 release - November 2, 2019


NEW! ConnectWise Manage company sites

You can now set a ConnectWise Manage company site when mapping Auvik clients in your ConnectWise Manage integration. This is handy if you manage multiple sites for a client since it allows you to differentiate which Auvik client is associated to which site.

Sites in ConnectWise Manage are present on companies, configuration items, and tickets.

If you don’t yet have a site set on a configuration item in ConnectWise Manage, the next sync of the record will set the site based on your Auvik configuration on the integration.

To take advantage of sites, you’ll need to update the company mappings on your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration. If you’d like the configuration record to include a site, you’ll also need to update your field sync mappings.

NEW! Autotask issue type fields

Autotask allows you to specify issue and sub-issue types on tickets. This is a helpful feature if you have certain teams responsible for certain issue types, or if you want to report on the number of tickets for each type of issue or sub-issue. Auvik now supports these additional fields.

To take advantage of the new issue type fields in Auvik, first make sure you have all your desired issue and sub-issue types configured in Autotask. Once this is done, create or update your existing notification channels in Auvik. Setting issue type or sub-issue type on a notification channel is optional and has no impact on tickets being created by Auvik alerts.

ConnectWise Manage users, you'll soon have an issue type field as well.

NOTICE! ConnectWise Automate known issue

We were hearing reports that installations of the Auvik / ConnectWise Automate plugin on v12 (also known as 2019.x) were encountering issues during configuration.

After some extensive investigation and help from our partners, we’ve learned the issue only affects new installations of the plugin on v12 of ConnectWise Automate. If you previously installed the plugin on either v10.5 or v11 of ConnectWise Automate, and have upgraded to v12, you won’t experience the spinner.

To get past the spinner for company mapping, you’ll need to complete a bit of manual intervention. See How do I troubleshoot issues with my Auvik / ConnectWise Automate integration? for more details.

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