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How do I see lifecycle status for all devices?


Auvik provides detailed end of life information from our database that supports tens of thousands of individual devices. That information is surfaced into your integrated dashboard, providing real-time status for all your assets. This provides added efficiency and the ability to create timely and logical roadmaps for hardware replacement, assisting with your planning and budgeting process.

If you’ve integrated Auvik with either Autotask or ConnectWise Manage and have enabled inventory sync, don’t forget to add field sync mappings for lifecycle status fields such as last support status, sales availability, software maintenance, and security software maintenance status.

How to access a complete list of device lifecycle statuses

Click Hardware Lifecycle in the side navigation bar. Click Device Lifecycle Status.

You’ll now see a list of all of your devices which have detailed end of life information, including current sales availability, software maintenance status, and last support status.

You can filter the device list to show only certain devices. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.


If no details appear for a device (the columns are blank), then no current information has been made available from the vendor.



Sales availability

Last date the product was available for sale  through the vendor.

Software maintenance

Cisco devices only - Last date that Cisco Engineering may release any software maintenance updates or bug fixes to the product. After this date, Cisco Engineering may no longer provide support (develops, repairs, maintains, or tests) for the product software.

Security software maintenance

Cisco devices only - Last date that Cisco Engineering may release a planned maintenance update or scheduled software remedy for a security vulnerability issue.

Last support

Last date to receive service and support for the product. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete.


How to access lifecycle status for one device

While on the Hardware Lifecycle > Device Lifecycle Status screen, select the particular device you want by clicking on its name in the list. The details will appear on the device’s dashboard in the Device Details section.

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