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2019W42 release - October 19, 2019


NEW! sFlow general availability

It’s here! After verifying everything worked smoothly in the public beta, we’re making sFlow support generally available in Auvik TrafficInsights. You can now export sFlow from your network devices to TrafficInsights to understand where traffic is going within the network and what applications are being used.

Thanks to all our partners who participated in the beta. (TrafficInsights also supports NetFlow v5 and v9, IPFIX, and J-Flow.)

ENHANCED! Cisco device data

We’ve added major lifecycle milestones to the warranty information and recommended software versions you can currently see for Cisco devices. Available data for Cisco devices now includes the end of sale date, when Cisco will stop offering software updates, when they’ll stop patching vulnerabilities, and the deadline for attaching new service contracts. This information can help build out your client technology roadmaps by highlighting dates for retiring and replacing key devices.

We’ll be adding all the new Cisco detail to our Inventory API and integration sync in the near future. Keep an eye on future release notes.

ENHANCED! Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a good way to secure your Auvik account. To make authentication easier, you can now access a text string when the QR code isn’t an option or isn’t working well.

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