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2019W40 release - October 5, 2019


PUBLIC BETA! sFlow support

It’s here! You can now export sFlow from your network devices to TrafficInsights to understand where traffic is going within the network and what applications are being used. Thanks to all our partners who participated in the closed beta for this enhancement to Auvik TrafficInsights. (TrafficInsights also supports NetFlow v5 and v9, IPFIX, and J-Flow.)

ENHANCED! Auvik TrafficInsights

Much like putting a face to a name helps recognition, you’re likely interested to see which devices and services specific IP addresses are associated with. We’ve now improved the TrafficInsights dashboards to automatically provide (where possible) the domain name or discovered device name so you don’t need to look up the information manually. This at-a-glance identification should help you diagnose performance bottlenecks even more quickly.

NEW! Static IPs for outbound integration calls

You can now whitelist specific IP addresses for calls from Auvik to an integration such as your PSA, a webhook, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. This will come in handy in hardened security environments where you’ll be able to adjust your inbound firewall rules to allow Auvik access.

EXPANDED! Alert definitions

Next time you’re adding an alert definition, you’ll see a new category for collectors. When you create or edit a collector alert definition, you’ll see trigger conditions that are unique to Auvik collectors.

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