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TrafficInsights - Apply a filter


From the top navigation bar in the TrafficInsights dashboard, click Add Filter. Enter the desired filter and click Apply.

Be sure to enter the correct keyword ahead of the detail you’re trying to filter for. Simply entering 80, for example, won’t apply a filter. Keywords that can be used are:

ip address: ip, src, dst
port: port, sport, dport
packets: pkts
bytes: bytes
country: country, country_src, country_dst
exporter: exporter
interface: iface_in, iface_out
asn: asn, asn_src, asn_dst
protocol: protocol, proto
domain: domain, domain_src, domain_dst
post nat: pnat, pnat_src, pnat_dst
post nat port: pnat_port, pnat_sport, pnat_dport
expression grouping: (, ), and, or
comparison operators: =, !=, >, <, >=, <=


You can click the Countries tab to scroll through a list of countries to add to your filter. Once you find the country you want, click the country name to add it to the filter.


To edit the applied filter, click the edit pencil in the top navigation bar.


Update the filter and click Apply.

To remove the filter, click the X in the top navigation bar.



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