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TrafficInsights - Date and graph ranges


Date range

By default, TrafficInsights presents data for the last 24 hours, from midnight yesterday to midnight tomorrow (e.g., 2018-11-25 00:00 to 2018-11-27 00:00).

You can change the date range. Any date range update you make is applied to all views, not just the one you’re currently on.

  1. Click the date range picker from the top navigation.


  1. Pick a new start and end date for viewing data.


  1. Click Apply.

Graph range selector

At the bottom of all graphs, a range selector allows you to choose a more granular time range for your data.


Select a specific range

Click on a specific location in the range selector and drag your mouse to the end point of the range. Release your mouse. The selected range appears in a purple box and updates the graphs.


Move the range around

You can move the selected range by grabbing the range and sliding it to the left or right. The detail in the graph updates to reflect the new range selection.

Increase or decrease the range

You can grab an edge of the range and drag it to make the range smaller or larger.

Remove the range

To remove the range and revert to the default view, click on any empty location in the selector.

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