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TrafficInsights - Flows


The Flows area is a table view of the flow traffic. When you first access flows, you’ll see no detail.


There are two ways to filter data for this grid. One is to filter results by specific criteria and the other is to filter the rendered results.

  1. To filter by specific criteria, click Add Filter from the top navigation bar. If you apply a filter, be sure to click Search again to update the table details to reflect the applied filter.
  2. To filter the rendered results, enter text in the filter field above the grid. Once you’ve entered your filter criteria, click Search.

Once you have your search set up as you’d like, you can download the flows detail by clicking Download. The export is in csv (comma-separated values) format.

To show or hide columns, click the Show/Hide Columns button (TI_41.png) next to the filter field. This shows you a list of available columns. Click on the name of the column to be shown or hidden. The change is made immediately.



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