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TrafficInsights - Graph hovers and table grids


Graph hovers

Hovering over any data point on a graph shows you a tooltip with lower-level details about the data point.

For the applications and protocol graphs, the hover highlights a similar data point on the other graph, in addition to showing you the tooltip.


For top N graphs, the hover is shown only for the specific bar graph.


For geolocation, you can hover over a country or city.


Table grids

For table grids, you can click on a row to reveal more information, or right-click to add or remove columns.

Show more information

For flows, if you click on a cell in the address columns—scr addr and dst addr, for example—you’ll see a context menu. From the context menu, select one of the following options: DNS, Whois, Traceroute, Ping, or Find domain.

Each option opens a dialog that shows additional information.


Once you’ve captured the detail you want from the dialog, click Close or the X to close the dialog window.

Add or remove table columns

For flows, if you right-click anywhere in the table, you’ll see a context menu that shows all available columns. Click on the available columns to add or remove them from the view. To close the context menu, click anywhere in the grid.


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