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TrafficInsights - Groups and applications


By default, all applications are shown on the graphs but you can choose to show traffic for specific applications only.

The list of applications in the context menus is a complete list of applications monitored by TrafficInsights. The list isn’t filtered to remove applications not detected on your client devices. You can always add a custom application if you don’t see one applicable to what you’d like to view traffic for.

From the top navigation bar, click the compass icon (TI_20.png). From the context menu, hover over the appropriate group to reveal a secondary context menu.

From the secondary context menu, click an application. If there’s traffic data available for the selected application, the graphs will update. Otherwise, you’ll see a No data message.


To clear the application, click the X next to the set application (TI_22.png) in the top navigation bar, or click the compass icon (TI_20.png) and select All Applications.

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