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2019W32 release - August 10, 2019


ENHANCED! PSA integrations

Integrations with PSAs such as ConnectWise Manage and Autotask used to display old or inactive notification channels as available options for routing alerts. This sometimes resulted in open tickets accidentally being assigned to dormant channels, where they got lost. To prevent this, we now show active notification channels only.

We also made a few changes to the PSA Integration > Manage Alerts > Notification Channels grid to better surface helpful details.

  • In the Notification Channel column, we now specify the service board (ConnectWise Manage) or ticket queue (Autotask) to make it easier to know where alerts associated with the notification channel will be sent.
  • There's a new Alerting Status column to show whether required onboarding steps have been successfully completed for the expected alert routing.

ENHANCED! PSA audit log

In the PSA audit logs, we now show which service board (ConnectWise Manage) or ticket queue (Autotask) an event has occurred on to help make debugging issues a little easier.

CHANGED! API error handling

Previously if a request to an Auvik API was interrupted or cancelled by the requestor, the server would return an HTTP 500 error. We now return an HTTP 499 (Client closed request) for better error logging and handling.

HEADS UP! TLS v1.0 support removed

To maintain security, we’ve removed support for older versions of TLS. You may be affected if you’ve written an integration with Auvik on an older development platform, such as an older version of the .NET framework. To maintain your integration, you'll need to specify a newer version of TLS. We recommend TLS version 1.2 or higher.

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