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2019W26 release - June 29, 2019


IMPROVED! Auvik TrafficInsights

To date, when you’ve been looking at things in TrafficInsights like the Top N area, it meant looking at a sea of IP addresses. You may have wondered which devices those IP addresses were mapped to. Well, wonder no more! In TrafficInsights, we now show the hostname of devices associated to IP addresses.

IMPROVED! Ubiquiti support

We’ve improved support for Ubiquiti EdgeMAX routers, EdgeMAX switches, UniFi switches, and UniFi access points.

FIXED! ConnectWise Automate plugin

Some users of the Auvik / ConnectWise Automate plugin were reporting blank screens or occasional Automate crashes when trying to access Auvik information within Automate. We’ve updated the Automate plugin to address these issues.

In the update, we also moved MSP admin functions to a navigation menu underneath the Auvik tab when looking at an Auvik multi-client mapped to a ConnectWise Automate client. This nav change applies to all supported versions of ConnectWise Automate (v11 +).

The revised plugin (v1.0.5.0) is currently being reviewed by ConnectWise and will be posted to their Marketplace soon. We recommend upgrading to this version as soon as it becomes available.

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