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2019W20 release - May 18, 2019


LAUNCHED! Ubuntu 18.04 collector

You can now deploy the Auvik collector on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) using the bash script installer and by downloading and deploying an OVA.

Any existing Linux collectors running on Ubuntu 14.04 will continue to work and receive Auvik release updates until Sep 21, 2019.

We recommend replacing Ubuntu 14.04-based collectors as soon as possible to make sure your collectors continue to receive security updates for the underlying operating system.

BETA! Hyper-V topology mapping

Auvik provides automatic discovery and mapping of physical network topologies so you don’t have to manually trace cables or build diagrams by hand. But what about Hyper-V virtual machines?

Auvik can now retrieve an inventory of Hyper-V virtual machines from Windows Server hosts, and use that information to represent the bridging of virtual infrastructure into the physical network on the topology map.

If you’ve already added WMI credentials in Auvik for your Windows Server infrastructure, you don’t need to do anything else to take advantage of this new capability.


  • This feature is currently supported on Hyper-V infrastructure running on Windows Server 2012 or later.
  • If your Hyper-V environment is using a virtual switch name that doesn’t contain a common keyword like virtual or switch, Auvik may not automatically map your virtual topology. If you encounter this, please submit a support ticket. We’ll be adding new common keywords on an ongoing basis.

ENHANCED! Cisco integration

Last month we announced an integration with Cisco that helps you quickly see whether your clients’ Cisco devices are under warranty and whether they’re using recommended firmware.

Now you can sync that Cisco data into your PSA. Head over to your ConnectWise Manage or Autotask integration’s Inventory > Field Sync Mappings grid to get set up.

We've added serviceCoverageStatus, warrantyCoverageStatus, warrantyExpirationDate, and recommendedSoftwareVersion as endpoints in the Inventory API under a new path: /v1/inventory/device/warranty. Read single and multiple operations are supported.

You can view the updated API documentation at

CHANGED! Auvik TrafficInsights™ side navigation

The look and feel of the side navigation bar for TrafficInsights has been updated to better align with the rest of Auvik.

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