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What NetFlow sampling rate should I use for TrafficInsights?


Sampled NetFlow collects NetFlow data for a subset of traffic on the interface(s) being monitored. Instead of collecting every packet, Sampled NetFlow collects only 1 packet in every N number of packets.

Flow data from protocols like NetFlow are a very light load, typically less than 0.5% of total bandwidth consumption. But Sampled NetFlow helps lower CPU utilization (and to a lesser extent bandwidth) if these are concerns for your monitored device. The trade-off is you’ll lose a bit of granularity in your data. The loss is minimal but increases as your N value increases.  

These are the NetFlow sample rates we recommend:

Data volume (95th percentile) Recommended sampling rate
< 25 Mb/s 1 in 1
< 100 Mb/s 1 in 128
< 400 Mb/s 1 in 256
< 1 Gb/s 1 in 512
< 5 Gb/s 1 in 1024
< 25 Gb/s 1 in 2048

If you set a sampling rate on a device, you must set the same sampling rate for the device in Auvik.

Some devices don’t have a setting for sampling rate. For these devices, you’ll need to set a sampling rate of 1 in Auvik.

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