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2019W06 release - February 9, 2019


LAUNCHED! Inventory API & integrations

The beta of our Inventory API has come to a close and we’re officially moving to general launch. This means the Inventory API is now available to all Auvik partners.

It also means that all integrations using the new Inventory API, including integrations with BrightGauge, IT Glue, Passportal, and Warranty Master, are also now available to everyone.

A big thank-you to all the partners involved in the beta—your testing and feedback helped us improve and add to the API to create a high-performing data link into Auvik. The Inventory API now pulls data on 25 items including devices, networks, interfaces, tenants, configuration backup history, and more. During the beta, we also worked on improving the API’s reliability with large datasets.

If you’re interested in using the Inventory API for development, see What APIs are available? in our Knowledge Base to get started.

If you’re interested in setting up one of the four new integrations, first see What APIs are available? to learn how to configure an API user in Auvik. Then refer to the Knowledge Base articles on the BrightGauge and IT Glue respectively. For help with Warranty Master, email

LAUNCHED! Alert History API

In addition to discovering and compiling inventory information for your client networks, Auvik also monitors your clients’ infrastructure to alert you to issues. These alerts can now be accessed through an API in much the same way as inventory data.

You can request an alert history for a trailing time period to stay current on all alerts Auvik generates across your clients, or you can request a specific interval between two specified date-and-time pairs.

We expect integration partners to start drawing Auvik alert history data into their products very soon. Watch for developments in this area.

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