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2018W50 release - December 15, 2018


BETA | Install on Ubuntu 18.04

The current Auvik Linux collector is designed for Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty). Trusty is being end-of-lifed in 2019. To prepare for this, Auvik’s been working on a collector that can be deployed on a newer version of Linux.

As of this release, you can now deploy the Auvik collector on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) using the bash script installer. We’re gating access to this collector while it’s in beta. If you’d like to take it for a spin (and get an early start on upgrading collectors over the holidays, perhaps?), email and we’ll flip the necessary switches. An OVA package based on Ubuntu 18.04 will follow in 2019.

ENHANCED | Enterasys support

We’ve enhanced support for the Enterasys 800 series of switches to automate the capture of device utilization stats and configuration backups. To take advantage of this additional support, make sure you’ve enabled and added SNMP and login credentials for your Enterasys devices.

STATUS UPDATE | Inventory API & integrations betas

Our beta of an Inventory API and integrations into Auvik from BrightGauge, IT Glue, Passportal, and WarrantyMaster has been very successful so far.

If you requested access to one or more of the betas but haven’t yet seen an invitation to get started, we appreciate your patience. We’re continuing to onboard participants in waves ahead of general availability early next year.

Stoked and haven’t yet reached out? Email and mention which integration(s) you’re interested in.


We’ve squashed some bugs that were isolated to a small set of partners. If you had an open support ticket that was addressed by one of these fixes, the Auvik support team will be in touch.

HEADS UP | No W52 release

Auvik usually releases upgrades every two weeks. But we understand the holidays are a time of reflection and relaxation—and for many, a freeze on changes made on client networks! To minimize changes, we’ll be skipping our week 52 release at the end of December. Our next release will drop in the second weekend of January 2019.

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