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2018W44 release - November 3, 2018


HEADS UP! New data centers

As Auvik continues to manage more networks globally, we’ve been working to expand our data center locations. We now have a second data center in the US, and we’ll soon have new centers in Ireland and Germany to serve EU partners. In the new year, we’ll decide on our next locations. (Aussies, we’re looking at you!)

Over the coming weeks, your data may be migrated to one of our new data centers. All Auvik product URLs will now reference the region and pod that houses your data. For example, shows that Nanook is being served from pod 1 in the United States.

All of your existing URLs (including bookmarks, collector installations, and integration callback configurations) will be automatically redirected and will continue to work.

There’s one item on the Internet Connection Check feature that may need your attention: If you’ve whitelisted the cloud ping server IP address, you’ll need to update your device configurations to respond to pings from a new cloud ping server IP address.

We’re performing these migrations incrementally. If we determine that a maintenance window is needed to facilitate the move, we’ll reach out to you ahead of time. If you have any questions, please contact

NEW! Bulk editing for alert governance

Recently, we rolled out the ability for you to manually or automatically pause repeated alerts for the same entity, such as a specific interface on a specific device. The parameters for each alert definition are set individually and were only changeable one at a time. Now, within Manage Alerts, you can select alerts of the same severity and make changes to the parameters in bulk.

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