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Which APIs are available?


API stands for application programming interface. An API is a communication channel that helps two applications talk to each other. Basically, an API helps one application plug directly into the data and services of another by granting it access to specific parts of a system.

Auvik APIs are great for pulling data for reporting purposes or for importing into an integration such as BrightGauge, IT Glue, or Passportal.

To use the Auvik APIs, you'll need a valid Auvik user and the user's API key. The user must also have the correct role permissions for each API they’d like to run.

Note: The word tenant as it appears in the API descriptions means one of Auvik's supported tenant types: multi-site or site.

For details on a specific API and the available endpoints, see the appropriate API article listed below.

We’re working on adding more APIs, so keep an eye on the release notes for future announcements.

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