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2018W40 release - October 6, 2018


NEW! Single sign-on with Microsoft

The fewer passwords the better! You can now log into Auvik  with your workplace Microsoft Office 365 account. All you need is Azure Active Directory set up. (Personal and non-workplace Microsoft accounts, such as Hotmail and addresses, can’t be used.)

The new Microsoft single sign-on allows you to log in, accept new user invitations, and re-authenticate during remote terminal sessions.

If you’re currently logging into Auvik using an email address and password, you can set up single sign-on with Microsoft through your user profile.

NEW! Terminal authentication with single sign-on

When an Auvik user has a role that allowed them to perform a blind terminal login—to automatically log into a network device using credentials stored in Auvik—they’d be prompted to re-enter their Auvik password.

But if they were using Google single sign-on, they didn’t have a password to re-enter and therefore couldn’t remotely log into the terminal—until now.

At at terminal login, you’ll now be prompted to authenticate your credentials using the method by which you logged into Auvik. That means Google and Microsoft SSO users can take advantage of remote terminal logins.

NEW! Automatic alert pauses

Ever had a storm of identical alerts flood your email inbox or PSA? If an alert is poorly defined or there’s bad data triggering the alert, you can end up with a flurry of repeated notifications, which isn’t helpful. Now, Auvik’s got your back on alert storms.

We’ll now begin to temporarily pause alerts that have repeatedly triggered against the same entity (device, interface, or component) within a short time. You can increase or decrease the length of the pause per alert type. You can also opt specific alerts out of automatic pausing by editing the alert definition.

You’ll receive notifications when an alert has been paused and unpaused, either automatically or by a user.  

ENHANCED! Ubiquiti support

We’ve added more support for the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch XP, formerly known as the ToughSwitch. Auvik now retrieves device details such as software version and serial number, and fetches configuration backups.

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