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2018W28 release - July 14, 2018


This release brings changes in alerting, maintenance windows, and external application workflows.

NEW! On-demand trigger of alert notifications

Sometimes there’s an Auvik alert you need to follow up on but it hasn’t triggered to a notification channel. For example, it may have fired during a maintenance window and you now need to generate an email or create a ticket within your PSA to further action the alert. Now, as you review alerts within the All Alerts grid, you can select one or more alerts to trigger a workflow. These workflows will fire to a notification channel associated to the alert.

ENHANCED! PSA ticket creation

In our previous release, we gave you the ability to see corresponding PSA ticket IDs for alerts in Auvik. Now, when a ticket is dispatched to your PSA through Auvik (either automatically or through the new on-demand capability), you can see whether the ticket was created successfully or failed because of an error. You can also see the number of times Auvik has tried to create the ticket.

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