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2018W14 release - April 7, 2018


NEW! VMware environmental component monitoring

Auvik’s VMware monitoring enables proactive alerts for when an environmental component has transitioned from a normal state to degraded or failed.

When you navigate to a VMware hypervisor dashboard, you’ll see a new option underneath Inventory to view component statuses. Clicking on a component shows you key performance indicators (KPIs) for the component of interest. You can also view component statuses at a client level from the home dashboard.

New pre-configured alerts can be sent to notification channels such as PSA tickets or email. And additional KPI facets on hypervisor components let you set up alerts for performance-oriented metrics like disk latency.

Together, these features will help you stay ahead of hypervisor performance issues before they turn into tickets from clients.

You can learn more about VMware monitoring here.

CHANGED! Autotask integration polling

As part of some performance improvements to the Autotask integration, we’ve changed the configuration syncing interval from every 10 minutes to every 15 minutes.

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