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Creating Alert Notifications using Alerting 2.0


Users can continue to leverage their existing Notification Channels they are already using or create additional channels specifically for Beta testing. Please be advised that if you use the same notification channel for similar alerts between the legacy and Beta alerts, you will receive duplicate notifications. For comparison testing purposes, we recommend setting up additional notification channels that are directed towards your testing users, so that your business operations are insulated against potential duplicate notifications.

For example, if you have an existing Auvik Collector Disconnected legacy alert using an email notification channel and you create a Beta alert that has the same condition and uses the same email notification channel, you will receive two notifications --one from legacy and another from the new Beta alert.

To begin, select the notification channels which apply to your alert definition. Similar to legacy alerts, you can select zero, one or more notification channels in the same alert definition. Regardless of any notification channels you select, be aware that an alert will always be displayed in the All Alerts page of the Auvik portal.


Note: Email Frequency where you can select how often any selected email notification channels send emails (immediately, 15mins, 1hr, 1day) will not be available at Beta launch, but is planned to be re-introduced before the GA release. This means that all Beta alerts will send “immediately” once all the trigger conditions and timing conditions are met (see Alert Delay). For example, a Time Delay setting of 15 minutes would ensure that the trigger condition has been true for 15 minutes and will only trigger an alert at that time.

How to define Global Clear Condition

The clear condition determines when a triggered alert is no longer an issue and the alert can be cleared.

Clear Condition

Similar to legacy alerts there are three options:

Default – Inverse of Trigger Condition

By default, the inverse condition is used to clear the alert.

No Clear Condition – Clear by Dismissing

This requires a user to explicitly clear the alert from the Auvik portal.

Note: This is a selectable option in the Beta, but a known issue prevents an alert from being closed when a user performs the clear action from the All Alerts page. This impacts the alert in the Auvik portal, the API and any integrations. This will be addressed by the GA release.

Custom Clear Condition

Users can build their own clear conditions similar to how the trigger conditions were built (Check out Creating Alerts > Trigger Conditions for more details).

Clear Message

The Clear Message is the summary of the alert you’ll see in notifications when an alert has been cleared. It is independent of the Trigger Message which is used when an alert first triggers. You can specify references to various properties of the device (such as the make and model of the device) to create dynamic messages to give you the information you need quickly when seeing an alert’s notification.

For the Beta, we can only specify Collector, Device & VMware properties in the Clear Message. Interface, Service & other properties will be available post-Beta.

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