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Endpoint Troubleshooting



I ran the installer but the endpoint isn’t showing up in Auvik

The endpoint will be located in the Auvik Site that you generated the Site Registration Key for.

  1. Make sure you’re looking for the endpoint in the same Auvik Site that you downloaded the installer from, as the copyable installation command provided in the Deploy Agent screen includes the Site Registration Key specific to that Auvik Site.
  2. The installer may have run with an invalid Site Key.
    • Try regenerating the Site Key by following Step 1 above.
      • Note: Regenerating the Site Key will invalidate all previously generated Site Keys.


My Internet Speed widget is not displaying any data

The internet speed widget collects information every four hours and requires multiple points of data to display information. You can adjust the timeframe using the Calendar selector to at the top of the dashboard to display a broader range of information.

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