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Step 5: Export and Customize Your Network Map to Visio/VSDX


Document your network infrastructure more effectively for compliance reporting, knowledge sharing and documentation, planning and collaborating both internally and externally. Easily import and edit the Auvik network topology map in external drawing or diagramming tools such as:

  • Microsoft Visio 
  • Lucidchart 

Now you’ll be able to:

  • Use the exported map as a base diagram
  • Edit with additional annotations
  • Move network elements
  • Resize network icons
  • Export a filtered view of the map after applying the required filters

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Why are there some editing capabilities that I can do with Microsoft Visio that I can't do with other tools (Lucidchart/

Lucidcharts and don’t necessarily support all the features that are available in Microsoft Visio. As a result some differences in behavior are expected. Features and capabilities are limited to the drawing program used. Additional capabilities available with Microsoft Visio but not with Lucidcharts or would be tool-specific capabilities beyond Auvik's control.

Why does the ordering of the exported map appear different from what I see in the Auvik platform?

The order in which devices appear in the exported graph may be different from the order that devices appear in the Auvik network map. Auvik uses a different “layout-ing” logic than those used by other external tools and programs. Any differences should be minor and may vary in some places.

What are stencils and are there any Auvik-specific icons that I can use in my diagrams?

Currently there is no Stencil Set provided for Auvik’s icons. Stencils are a collection of related shapes which are the building blocks of all Visio diagrams. Users can import stencils to create brand new diagrams using Auvik-styled device icons. This enhancement is a planned future roadmap update.

I tried opening the .vsdx file in Visio and got an error message.

Auvik is made aware that there may be an issue launching the .vsdx file using the Visio web app. The file may appear to open but returns an error message. It is recommended to use the desktop app instead while Auvik investigates the issue.

Can the map export feature work with any size networks?

Large networks may experience performance issues when loading large files or some devices may be cut off in order to fit within the page size constraints. A really large network would be considered to span several hundred pages. For example, Visio appears to clip the diagram when the file is greater than 171 pages. Users with really large networks can try and adjust the page size settings. For example, in Lucidchart: File → Document Settings (Adjust Size: width, height).

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