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Step 4: Start with the Global Networks Dashboard for a quick summary and troubleshoot faster



What is the new Networks Dashboard?

Auvik’s newly launched Dashboard is a global network dashboard that provides a single window view that offers visibility into crucial client information, enabling quick assessments and management of systems.

This Networks Dashboard allows Auvik Admins to have a holistic view of all their sites, and:

Summary of Emergency and Critical Alerts (last 30 days)

At-a-glance view of all alerts in a single window, view affected devices directly from the widget, and take immediate action as needed.

All Open Alerts Organized by Clients (last 30 days)

Monitor the overall health of all sites in a single window pane to quickly and easily identify any issues.

View if any Collectors are offline

A list of offline collectors and the affected tenant sites helps identify where Auvik is not providing alerting.

View if any Network Devices are offline

Shows up immediately and independent of alerting thresholds set up. Gain awareness of problems before the alerting goes off.

View if any Internet Connections are offline

A simple way to see if devices are down of the ISP/Provider, providing immediate data and allowing customers to respond to issues rapidly.

Why you’ll love this new Dashboard: 

  • It rolls up all tenants to a global view reducing friction when you need to find and solve problems quickly.
  • You’ll no longer find yourself thinking, “I didn’t know that was happening,” or “I missed an alert”.
  • Your teams will be empowered to stay proactive - staying ahead of potential issues and addressing concerns before they escalate.
  • It provides actionable information aligned with business objectives to prioritize tasks based on business goals.
  • First-level support teams can swiftly assess, troubleshoot, and ensure seamless operations for their clients.
  • Executives have an at-a-glance view that facilitates decision-making and prompt resolution of critical matters.
  • The bottom three widgets (Collectors, Network Devices, and Internet Connections) give you real-time insight before they post an alert for proactive responses. 



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